Holographic Technologies – Is it Possible?

More and more people are wondering if it is possible that holographic technologies will start to appear. The things that are happening right now are showing signs that this will happen sometime soon. Chalkboards and whiteboards have already been replaced with projection screens. There are some whiteboards that are also more interactive now. The more visuals that people use, the more that people will become interested.

Some say that holographic technologies can be very effective in school. The students can look at the things that are being projected and understand things better. This can also be useful for those who are trying to make presentations in the office. The more interactive presentations are, the more that people would like to hear and understand.

What are Holographic Technologies?

It will help you understand what holographic technologies are when you know what holography is. Basically, this is something that you can find in your IDs, your CDs, and even your DVDs. Expect that if you show them across the light, they will change their colors. These are security holograms which means that people will know that what they have isn’t forged.

It can be different when you are talking about large-scale holograms. These are usually placed in dark rooms so that you can see them clearly. Most of them are life-sized. It will make you feel like you are seeing things differently. Unlike 3D, there is no need to wear special glasses anymore to see holographic images.

One thing that you should know about the hologram is this: even if you only have a small piece, it will be enough to contain the whole feature of what will be projected.

Examples of 3D Holograms

There are more 3D holograms that are available now but it seems that people have grown accustomed to them that they are not too recognized. The big tech companies have different things to offer. For example, Microsoft offers a HoloLens headset. Apple makes use of ARKit. Google also offers something different in the form of ARCore.

There are some car companies right now that are trying to create hologram versions of their vehicles. Just imagine if you would be seeing the cars in hologram form. There is no reason why you should check out the cars in person anymore. This can help car companies save a lot of money because they do not have to release a “dummy” car anymore unless necessary.

Another holographic imagery that can be done soon is to show the directions where cars should go. For example, instead of hearing from your GPS where you should go, the holographic directions will let you know where you should go. There are even some people who are saying that it can be very helpful if you can manipulate the direction where your car is going to go.

Myths and Realities About Holographic Imagery

Some people are still unsure whether they should try out holographic imagery or not. Get to know the myths and realities now because these details will help you decide for yourself.


  • Holographic imagery can be very expensive. It is expected that it might be expensive in the beginning. The more that people adapt to it and use it, the less expensive that it is going to be. Most of the holographic items that are being sold right now are priced properly.
  • Some people would like to try out holographic imagery because they feel that they can be closer to the people who have already passed on. For example, some people would like to have a holographic image of their loved ones.
  • Some feel that they would like to have holographic imagery that they can actually place in the palm of their hands. This is still considered impossible at this time.


  • Holograms have started because of the use of laser.
  • There are some holograms that are fake. For example, you might think that you have seen holograms in concerts but actually, these are projections.
  • Hologram refers to portraying a complete message which is exactly why a hologram can show the whole thing even if the image is small.


It is possible that holograms are going to become more popular in the long run. The three-dimensional images are usually going to be enjoyed by people whether they are studying or when they are trying to entertain themselves.

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