Holographic Optical Technologies is the only company with true holographic imaging technology and products for the medical imaging market. We provide accurate life-size three-dimensional holograms of patient anatomy for medical professionals, using the data from existing CT and MR scans. These medical holograms display patient anatomy and pathology as transparent three-dimensional "sculptures of light", projected towards the observer in real three-dimensional space. Holographic Optical Technologies' patented, reimbursable technology provides a uniquely accurate perspective of patient anatomy, increasing clinician's understanding, saving time, and improving clinical outcomes.

Our mission is to leverage our breakthrough holographic technology to:
• Enhance the understanding of conventional medical images worldwide.
• Increase the accuracy and effectiveness of clinical decision-making and treatment.

Medical imaging

Modern diagnosis and treatment depend upon sophisticated imaging technologies to provide detailed information concerning a patient's disease state. State-of-the-art three-dimensional scanning technologies, primarily CT and MR, are used hundreds of thousands of times every day. These technologies acquire three-dimensional data, but do not address the need for three-dimensional viewing. Instead, they yield "slices" of data, each one a detailed two-dimensional picture of a single cross-sectional plane of the patient's body, leaving the physician to imagine the integration of these slices into a meaningful volume.

Our holographic images can display CT and MR scan data as true three-dimensional holograms in true three-dimensional space. Utilizing a patented holographic film and Voxbox display, our technology projects the internal patient anatomy as it truly exists in three-dimensions. This provides an exact replica of patient anatomy and pathology as a transparent three-dimensional volume, suspended in space towards the observer. Surgeons operate on the three-dimensional patient, and our medical holograms uniquely provide a full understanding of the critical three-dimensional relationships within the patient. Using these transparent intuitive images, surgeons interactively place instruments, implants, and measuring devices directly into the hologram as if navigating within the actual patient's anatomy. This "x-ray vision" allows clinicians to select and plan the best surgical approach, and to be safer, faster, more precise, and more confident during diagnosis, therapy planning, in the operating room, and during follow-up.

Holographic Optical Technologies’ medical holograms can be viewed by the radiologist for a diagnostic perspective, in the physician's office during the pre-surgical planning process, in the clinic to educate and explain conditions and treatment alternatives to patients and their families for informed consent, in the operating room suite during surgery, for post-surgical follow-up, and in the anatomist's classroom. Surgeons report saving time in surgical planning and during surgery, and radiologists report improved accuracy in diagnosis. Faster and better-planned surgeries can lead to fewer complications, better outcomes, and reduced patient stays.