Custom Voxgrams can be made from nearly any set of 3D data. Our holograms have the precision for exacting professional applications, and are engaging enough for commercial and artistic projects.

Our library of Voxgrams includes high resolution anatomical and scientific subjects, perfect for educators, students, and researchers.
And, of course, some are just for fun.

Small - $100 each 5 Small - $400

Large - $150 each

5 Large - $600

Stock Voxgrams  

-One HoloPros Pack

-A tee shirt with our logo

-One HoloFans Pack

-A mug with our logo

-A pack of logo stickers

-Updates about our latest projects and innovations

HoloPros Pack  -  $25 Level

Holographic Optical Technologies needs your support to bring Holography into the mainstream. If you're interested in holography, but not quite ready to take the plunge with a Voxbox or a Voxbox Pro, you can still support us and help to fuel our innovation. We'll give you some great stuff in return.

With our high-quality branded merchandise, you can show the world that you're helping push technology forward.

Each backer's contribution makes a meaningful impact, and takes us one step closer to bringing holograms into everyday life.

These first three reward levels are cumulative, and include access to exclusive updates about our products and our breakthrough holographic technology.

-One 22" Voxbox Pro

​-One large custom Voxgram

Voxbox Pro Professional Practice Package -  $3,000 Level

Starter Package  -  $200 Level

VoxRox Pack  -  $50 Level

HoloFans Pack  -  $10 Level

These two kits include all of the electronic hardware needed to build a Voxbox, along with the files needed to 3D print the casing for the viewer. Backers at this level must be prepared to print this casing, or include elements of this casing in their custom projects.

Our Philanthropist's Package is perfect for school and community fundraising opportunities, or for backers that want to make the biggest impact right away. This package is our highest support level, and includes TWO Voxbox Pro viewers, and credit for up to ten large custom Voxgrams for the children's hospital of your choice. In addition, backers at this level will be publicly recognized in a special section on our website. 

Small - $125 each 5 Small - $500

Large - $200 each

5 Large - $800

-One 8" Voxbox viewer

​-One small stock Voxgram

Holography Packages

Take advantage of special Kickstarter pricing for a limited time!

-One Voxbox with 3 small custom Voxgrams 

-One Voxbox Pro with 3 large custom Voxgrams

-Special recognition on our website

​-One Voxrox Pack

Developer Kit  -  $175 Level

Show your love of holography with our Supporter Packages!

-Two Voxbox Pro viewers

-10 Large Custom Voxgrams

​-All items donated to a children's hospital of your choice

SUPER Package  -  $5,000 Level

-Voxbox internal components

​-One small stock Voxgram

For the tinkerers -- These two kits are a way of saying thanks to our backers from the Maker community, and a way to recognize that 3D modeling and 3D printing go hand-in-hand with holography.


This package is for the true hologram enthusiast. The SUPER Kit includes one Voxbox, one Voxbox Pro, three small custom Voxgrams, three large custom Voxgrams, and public recognition on our website. You'll also receive a complete VoxRox pack so everyone knows you're a supporter.

Philanthropist's Package  -  $8,000 Level

Developer Kit Plus  -  $250 Level

The Starter Package is the perfect entry point into the world of holography. This package includes one Voxbox viewer, plus one of our stunning Voxgram holograms. Be one of the first to bring true 3D holograms into your home or office. 

Custom Voxgrams  

The Professional Practice Kit includes our medically proven Voxbox Pro platform and credit for one large custom Voxgram. This kit is not just for physicians, however. Voxgrams can be used to visualize scientific data, sophisticated 3D models, or renderings for architecture and engineering. As a bonus, we'll recognize your business on our website as a participating partner, and you'll receive a complete VoxRox pack to show that your business is on the cutting edge.

-Voxbox internal components

-One small custom Voxgram

-One VoxRox Pack