Dr. Richard Billmers

Before cofounding Holographic Optical Technologies, Dr. Billmers worked for the United States Navy at the Naval Air Warfare Center, served as a university professor, and has invented laser-based technologies that have current commercial applications. Dr. Billmers has co-authored numerous articles in the fields of laser spectroscopy and is the holder of patents and patents pending for several optical filter technologies.

Stephen Hart

Mr. Hart is the visionary behind most of our basic technology, intellectual property, and production process, and is the primary inventor on most of its patents. He has built and operated five generations of holographic printers, the most recent of which is used for the production of all of Voxgram images. Prior to his work in holography, Mr. Hart was an experimental astronomer at London's Imperial College of Science and Technology. He originated the system and software architectures of the Company's hologram printer and its hologram displays.


Our Company

Holographic Optical Technologies is proudly based in Augusta, Georgia. We specialize in medical and commercial holography.

New advances have allowed us to bring next-generation holography to the consumer market at a low cost. We'll be bringing our new products to market exclusively through our Kickstarter campaign, launching on April 20th.

Robert Foraker

Mr. Foraker provides decades of experience in international business and capital management, and throughout his career has taken an active role in the tech industry. Mr. Foraker has a history of getting involved with cutting-edge tech companies and providing the strategies that allow them to succeed in the marketplace.

Daniel Burman

Prior to cofounding Holographic Optical Technologies, Mr. Burman was President of Holorad, a pioneering holography corporation. He is involved in all aspects of the company's business and technology development, and is a co-inventor on several of its issued and pending patents. Voxgram images have become commercially available under his leadership, and the company has demonstrated groundbreaking developments in display holography for advertising and entertainment, including the production of the world's largest multi-frame hologram. Mr. Burman has over twenty-five years of executive management and start up business experience in technology markets.. 

Jared Sullivan

Before his work with Holographic Optical Technologies, Mr. Sullivan was involved in bringing other laser-based technologies to the marketplace. He is a life-long technology geek and inventor with a formal background in finance and business strategy. Mr. Sullivan also serves on the board of several tech-based start-up companies, and brings years of experience in capital management and business development.